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Films By Alexander Kluge

Fiction and documentary are blended in an attempt to produce an insight into the subjective nature of truth. ... Inge Meier, who steals from her lovers, is not a prostitute, but merely combines the satisfaction of ... her sexual and her material desires. Secret agent Rita MiJller-Eisert, instead of ... Read more
This film follows Alexander Kluge's earlier picture on the female condition, made in 1966, Yesterday's Girl. His new social satire takes as its protagonist an impoverished young housewife, Roswitha, who tries to make ends meet by performing backyard abortions. For a commission, she directs more ... Read more
THE BLIND DIRECTOR is conceived partly as a meditation on the closing years of this century. Writes Kluge: "There are times in this century which have the tendency to devour what has gone before as well as what is to come ... In my film, all the stories deal with the present, which is about to ... Read more
Alexander Kluge is the leading polemicist of the German cinema and his searching examinations of modern German society which also seek to find new forms and methods of expression have placed his work at the forefront of the new German cinema, a loose movement which Kluge led off most strikingly in ... Read more
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