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Films From Uruguay

"Wholly succeeds as an infectious look at one soldier of cinema losing his battle, but living to fight another day." - indieWIRE ... A Useful Life chronicles the demise of a small independent cinema in Montevideo, Uruguay, through the mournful eyes of middle-aged film programmer Jorge. Facing the ... Read more
La Perrera was winner of a Tiger Award at this year's Rotterdam International Film Festival. David is a slacker: a lazy, sex-obsessed pothead. His father, Ruben, despairing of David's apathetic attitude to life, decides to instil a work ethic by giving him a construction project to occupy his time ... Read more
The Pope, 50,000 pilgrims, one public toilet. ... It's 1988, and as Pope John Paul II makes his way through South America his journey guides him towards the poverty-stricken Uruguayan border town of Melo. Soon, word spreads that thousands will make the pilgrimage across the Brazilian border to see ... Read more
“A moving social study of penury at work destroying the fabric of a family.” - Screen Daily ... Maria, a worn-out single mother to three children, is tipped over the edge one day when it becomes clear she alone is responsible for the care of her elderly father. The action she subsequently takes ... Read more
An exercise in tension, The Silent House is a horror movie in real time - filmed in a single take on a digital camera. ... Laura and her father visit a friend in the middle of nowhere. He leaves them with one instruction: upstairs is a mess and not safe - don't go there. But Laura's father does ... Read more
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