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Films From Spain

A shepherd disappears from a small village in the rural province of Cuenca. Charges are trumped up by a local right-wing politician and an ambitious district judge. The Guardia Civil rounds up two local and unruly recalcitrant ... troublemakers. The Guardia Civil ‘do their duty' and extract ... Read more
This delightful comedy revolves around a group of six chic, upper-middle class men and women who find themselves unable to disentangle themselves from their own thoughts, beliefs, fears, memories and dreams. They go from frustrating situation to frustrating situation in search of a meal they never ... Read more
In the best surrealist tradition, the opening credit of The Exterminating Angel warns that "from the standpoint of pure reason there is no explanation" for Buñuel's brilliant, disconcertingly funny joke which forms the premise of this film. Guests at a bourgeois party following an evening at ... Read more
In a timeless ritual, a school of giant tuna is encircled by a fence of fishing nets. As the nets tighten, the water boils and the slaughter begins. Winner of the Prix UIP Berlin Film Festival.---D/S Nacho Martin, Ricardo Iscar P Hector Faver, Joan Gonzales WS C.E.C.C Grup Cinema Art L Spanish ... Read more
At the close of the century, in the suburbs of Madrid, the highways are vicious circles leading nowhere. Manuel and his wife Paloma have a baby due any day and are preparing themselves for one of the most unusual nights of their lives. Invited to a dinner engagement at Paloma's parents, Manuel ... Read more
... ... During the last years of the Pinochet regime m Chile, a mathematics teacher, Ramiro Orellana (Patricio Contreras) is banished to the backward, rain-soaked island La Frontera It is a rough, desolate land bearing the imprint of natural catastrophes, it is the bottom of Ameri­ca, the end ... Read more
In the home of Rocio, the daughter of an Andalusian family, there is great rejoicing: the mourning period for their grandmother has come to an end. Rocio changes her black dress for a brightly coloured one and makes a date with her fiancee, Rafael, to renew their marriage plans. The next day the ... Read more
The final instalment of the Eastwood - Man With No Name trilogy takes place against a realistic reconstruction of the American Civil War as the 'Good' (a taciturn Clint Eastwood), the Bad' (reptilian Lee Van Cleef) and the 'Ugly (Eli Wallach playing the venal but stupid fall-guy) of the title seek ... Read more
The story of Barcelona's Liceu Opera ... House is told in terms of operas produced there. The documentary also links cinema and opera by including extracts from opera shown in films. ... Read more
A family holidaying near Barcelona during the summer of 1936 is caught by the outbreak of civil war The conflict is seen from the viewpoint of the Catalan family, which decides to wait for the end of the fighting in the relative safety of the summer resort which is on Republican territory Their ... Read more
Victor Bukowski (Douglas Henshall) is an out-of-work actor with a lousy agent and a chronic communication problem with directors. His life is lurlher complicated by the fact that he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Sylvia (Lena Headey), who's set to marry tomorrow. Desperate, Victor shames ... Read more
One morning in 1974, the butchered bodies of an upperclass couple were found in the bedroom of their house in Barcelona. Jose Luis Cerveto, their one-time chauffeur and butler, when questioned next day, confessed everything. He was condemned to death, but his sentence was commuted to thirty years ... Read more
Murder, sex, drugs, art or politics? Sneakers hanging on telephone lines are a powerful urban symbol, but what do they mean? ... --- D/S Matthew Bate P Viron Papadopoulos L English, Spanish w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2009 --- D/S Matthew Bate P Viron Papadopoulos L English, Spanish w/English ... Read more
Starring Johnny Depp (Ed Wood, MIFF 1995, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow) and directed by the master of all things suspenseful and demonic, Roman Polanski (Rosemary's Baby). The Ninth Gate is an eerie and darkly humourous film. Depp is Dean Corso, a rare-book dealer who cheats the gullible and ... Read more
Parisian native Xavier (Romam Duris, star of Gadjo Dilo) amves in Barcelona on a student exchange program, unable to speak the local lingo. Unhappy about leaving his girlfriend behind (Amelie's AudreyTautou) and uncertain of finding any fnends in this new city, Xavier's luck takes a dramatic turn ... Read more
This is the first full-length feature from Victor Erice. It deals with childhood fantasies and family relationships. On a Sunday in 1940. a cinema truck visits a small town in the Castilian plains. In an improvised theatre, two young girls, Isabel and Ana, see the film 'Doctor Frankenstein'. The ... Read more
Pure, vintage Oliveira in this tale of a seductive revenant. ... Centenarian filmmaker and MIFF mainstay Manoel de Oliveira (Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl, MIFF 09 and Christopher Columbus - The Enigma, MIFF 08) continues to explore his favoured theme of frustrated love. ... A Jewish ... Read more
The wheelchair is an ironic comedy whose rather macabre humour masks a deep human and social Insight. It concerns a little old man whose ardent wish is to possess a motorbed wheelchair like that of his best friend. The fact that his legs are per­fectly sound does not deter him. When his family ... Read more
Spain in the I920's - decaying morally and socially. A world filled by norms and relationships that have outlived their time and assumed dangerously reactionary proportions, form the background to the latest film by Luis Bunuel - the first since his return to Spain after long years of exile. ... Read more
“More than my other films, Uncle Boonmee is very much about cinema, that's also why it's personal. If you care to look, each reel of the film has a different style - acting style, lighting style, or cinematic references - but most of them reflect movies. I think that when you make a film about ... Read more
The Cain and Abel story retold as an animation featuring two teddy bears who are hunting demonically voiced unicorns. If you go into the woods today be very, very afraid. ... D Alberto Vázquez S Alberto Vázquez, Pedro Rivero WS Abrakam Estudio L Spanish w/English subtitles TD ... Read more
A car overturned. A mountain's edge. A woman's trapped upside down. She wakes to see her partner, freed from the wreck, and the world starts turning. Climbing back in he straps himself upside down and the pair hang, waiting for their world to right itself. ... Read more
Valentina was along, very popular television series. This film is the first part of a four-part film version made from the ... series. The story, set in the early part of the century in an Aragonese village, is a about the childhood memories of a narrator, who was to die in a concentration camp in ... Read more
Winner of a Special Mention at last year's Venice Film Festival, Virgin of Lust is a deliciously sordid work from the father figure of Mexican cinema, Arturo Ripstein (Ruination of Men, MIFF 2001). ... Mexico in the 40s. 'El Makado' is a reserved and lonely waiter, working at the Ofelia Cafe, a bar ... Read more
The 1961 Cannes Festival Jury decided to award the Grand Prix jointly to Henri Colpi's Une Aussi Longue Absence and Bunuel's Viridiana. Thus the festival ended in a blaze of controversy, with this film, which puzzled, excited and distressed in equal proportions. Prefaced by credit titles which are ... Read more
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