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Films From Germany

This film attempts to reconcile the two contradictory elements combined in research: the emotion of the artist and the reason of the scientist. It analyses these motivating forces and relates how research has gradually gained impetus in the 20th century. ... Merit Award, West German Government. ... Read more
An initiation into the little-heard music of Mongolia that is as captivating to the eyes as it is to the ears. ... This highly stylised documentary from filmmaker Byambasuren Davaa (The Cave of the Yellow Dog, MIFF 06) almost masquerades as fiction, but the story of famous singer Urna's quest is as ... Read more
The revival of interest in Ibsen's 'Wild Duck' is demonstrated by the production of the play in West Berlin, by Ingmar Bergman, and in East Berlin, at the Volksbuhne. A British-Norwegian film version was also made in 1974. Hans Geissendörfer has produced a new and different version. He says he is ... Read more
... ... Blackmail, murder, adultery and a few other deadly sins form the basis for The Woman That Men Yearn for (1929). The film pre-dated The Blue Angel (1930), for many the first acknowledged screen appearance of Marlene Dietrich, and was her very first femme fatale part. The man-enslaving ... Read more
“Compelling, moving and thought-provoking… an intellectually-stimulating crowd-pleaser.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Swetlana Geier has spent sixty years of her life translating great Russian literature into German, including Dostoyevsky's five major novels - his ‘elephants' as she ... Read more
Ray Müller's 180-minute documentary is an engrossing, thorough and rigorous examination of the life of Leni Riefenstahl. At 90 years of age and still in full flight, Riefenstahl discusses her controversial career - as a young actor in German 'mountain adventure' films; as filmmaker to the Third ... Read more
A film of gentle emotions and autumnal colours, set during the post World War II reconstruction of Poland. Two women, mother and daughter, leave from the east and arrive in the home town they have been severed from by the tides of war. Slowly, in an atmosphere of general disillusion, insecurity ... Read more
The Sunday walk of the mice family and their meeting a little blue mouse. An amusing little cartoon on a serious theme - the effect of the colour bar. ... Read more
Skateboarding becomes a metaphor for freedom in this prize-winning love letter to the subversive power of youth. ... East Germany in the 80s. For three teens - Nico, Dirk and Dennis - life in the GDR was dominated by skateboarding. But in a nation where “the streets were not for playing ... Read more
Regarded by some as the greatest writer since the second world war, by others as unreadable, most literary critics will agree that in the past 50 years few English-speaking authors have had such a profound effect on literature - whilst remaining so utterly enigmatic - as America's Thomas Pynchon ... Read more
East Germany 1961, the wall has gone up. Out in the country a young boy notices that the village postman, a very unsporty gentleman, has suddenly started running as a hobby. Stop watches, binoculars and trains— what are these two up to? Screened in Aspen. ... Read more
"Good-looking, inventively plotted, littered with post-modern themes, perfectly cast and in tune with the times." - Screen International ... From his fast and furious debut, Run Lola Run, to the haunting Perfume and the big budget The International, director Tom Tykwer now turns his talents to this ... Read more
A genial adaptation lull of criticism and social satire, of the famous Brecht &ndash: Weill opera which was based on John Gay's "The Beggar's Opera," and the works of Francois Villon. ... The plot, which is laid in an imaginary London of the end of the nineteenth century, features three rogues ... Read more
In the tradition of Full Metal Jacket, and Platoon, Joel Schumacher's Tigerland lifts the lid on the horrors of boot camp in his account of raw recruits preparing for combat. The film follows the specialised training inflicted upon draftees at Fort Polk in Louisiana. The camp was constructed to ... Read more
A comic tale about Helmut Kohl whose main problem is his name - it's the same as the German Chancellor's. Helmut's other problem is the name Simone which the more he tries to forget, the more he hears. Pristine and offbeat with plenty of - dare we say? - "past modern" jokes. ... Read more
For those familiar only with Sirk's later American work, Zu Neuen Ufem will come as something of a surprise. Like most of the other films he made in Germany (particularly Stutzen der Gesellschaft (1935), which improves on Ibsen's Pillars of Society, the remarkable Schlussakord (1936), and La ... Read more
1982 inaugurated a series of events in Rome, organised by a group of die hard cinephiles who clubbed together in a co-operative called Mission Impossible. Their aim was to ask a variety of filmmakers to select extracts or films by directors they admired, or had learnt something from, and to talk ... Read more
A documentary, a road movie and an explicit feature. ... Activists, artists, writers, musicians, sex workers and porn stars of various sexual (dis)orientations and gender expressions - they are the intrepid ‘pussy posse', hell-bent on championing a feminist manifesto that sets out to both ... Read more
From its opening shot, Detlev Buck's Tough Enough is as uncompromising as its title suggests, another example of the emerging power of new German filmmaking. Fifteen-year-old Michael Polischka gets a rude awakening when his mother breaks up with her rich doctor boyfriend. With little money of her ... Read more
“There are as many different kinds of people in this orchestra as you can imagine. And each one of them is looking for something that fits. We are on a quest for harmony.” - principal conductor Sir Simon Rattle ... In the 125 years of its existence the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has ... Read more
A worm moves in He paints the walls and arranges the furniture and then sits back in an easy chair. ... Read more
A worm moves in. He paints the wall arranges thew furniture then sits back in an easy chair. A bright animation with a great scrunchy soundtrack. ... Read more
A street smart blast from the Berlin underground, Trouble comes as a welcome respite from the ponderous state of most current German cinema. Yet this is a reunification story too, a bulletin from the rock/rap culture barricades of the old/new capital's long established Kreuzberg scene, now under ... Read more
In his requiem for a friend Hulverscheidt uses the image and sound material from a broadcast about the funeral ceremony for the ... newspaper magnate Springer, in the Berlin Memorial Church. This ... reworking of the material gives the hero s funeral an Ironic undertone. ... Read more
A video about the birth of an archetype, that evokes a continuity between rock 'n' roll mysticism, tribal feasts, the crucifixion of Christ, and the birth of the King. ... Read more
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