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The Surreal Feel – 100 Years of Luis Buñuel

"Our sexual desire has to be seen as the product of centuries of repressive and emasculating Catholicism... it is always coloured by the sweet sense of sin," wrote Bunuel in his autobiography My Last Breath. L'Age d'Or was Buñuel and Salvador Dali's second collaboration (after Un Chien ... Read more
Short, sharp and astounding, this film provides a teasing bridge between the Old Testament Buñuel (Viridiana) and the New (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie). Simon of the Desert concerns a living saint who resides atop a 60-foot pillar large enough only to stand on. Aside from ... Read more
'An affectionate chronological trawl through the much mythologised life of legendary Spanish director Luis Buñuel. A combination of personal reminiscences and well-disposed analysis, the film is strongest in the informed way that it links speakers recollections with clips from the movies ... Read more
This delightful comedy revolves around a group of six chic, upper-middle class men and women who find themselves unable to disentangle themselves from their own thoughts, beliefs, fears, memories and dreams. They go from frustrating situation to frustrating situation in search of a meal they never ... Read more
In the best surrealist tradition, the opening credit of The Exterminating Angel warns that "from the standpoint of pure reason there is no explanation" for Buñuel's brilliant, disconcertingly funny joke which forms the premise of this film. Guests at a bourgeois party following an evening at ... Read more
Viridiana, a young nun full of charity, kindness and idealistic illusions about humanity, visits her rich uncle on the eve of her ordination. She stays and tries to help some local peasants and beggars by taking them in, but her altruism is greeted with ridicule and cruelty. True to form ... Read more
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