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“Seven years of celestial field recordings gathered from the chaos of the cosmos and inscribed onto 16mm film from various locations upon this turning tripod Earth.” - Jeanne Liotta. Awarded Best Experimental Film at Rotterdam IFF 2008. Australian Premiere. --- D Jeanne Liotta TD ... Read more
Filmed from aboard the ‘Gallivant', Offshore is a textured chronicle of Kotting's relay swim of the English channel, with commentary from iconic London diarist Iain Sinclair. --- D/S Andrew Kotting TD DigiBeta/2007/20mins ... Read more
Justice doesn't always prevail in these six diverse films explroing crime and criminality. ... Read more
An experimental piece featuring local band Magic Dirt, from Palm d'Or winning director Glendyn Ivin. World premiere --- D/P/S Glendyn Ivin TD DigiBeta/2008/12mins ... Read more
An animated rumination on our paved world. Australian Premiere. --- D Bridget Walker TD 2008/4mins. ... Read more
At an oppressive institution for young women, one student realises that there might be more to life, setting the stage for revolution. Directed by Tina Romero, daughter of George A. Romero. ... ---D Tina Romero TD miniDV/2008/12mins Sun 27 July 5pm GU 2014 ... Read more
Frances Daingangan dreamed of being a movie star. A story of transformation, as she learns to move between the ancient life of the Yolgnu and modern world of white culture. --- D Darlene Johnson P Pat Fiske L English and Yolgnu w/English subtitles TD DigiBeta/2008/52mins ... Read more
Narrates a journey of displacement, combining 8mm found footage and rich reconstructions of the Brasiliarios film where the author's parents met. --- D/S/P Ana Vaz TD: digibeta/2007/20mins ... Read more
Is there anything that can save you when the current carries you out? --- D Rui Xavier S/P Jessica Brentnall TD DigiBeta/2007/14mins ... Read more
A German breeder sends off his monster bunnies to North Korea with unexpected results. Screened at Berlin. --- D/P Julius Onah L German w/English subtitles WS Rei Productions TD vid/col/2007/5min ... Read more
A taxi-driver's sordid encounter and a concerned schoolgirl's goodwill break the monotony of the everyday. Australian premiere --- D Jeremy Cumpston S/P Jessica Brentnall TD DigiBeta/2007/14mins ... Read more
This controversial short will leave you reeling. Australian Premiere.---D/P/S Jon Lucas TD DigiBeta/2008/15 mins WS Soma Entertainment ... Read more
A lonely woman who lives with her daughter in disconnected silence sews herself a new man from discarded rags. His presence exacerbates tension in the mother-daughter relationship. An unconventional drama of lonliness and redemption. ... D Paul Andersen S Rachel Bowen P Sacha Rodriguez, Miranda ... Read more
In life there are no fairytale endings. Selected for Edinburgh 2008. Australian premiere --- D/S Katie Wolfe P Felicity Letcher/Rachel Lorimer WS NZFC TD 35mm/2008/12mins ... Read more
Images from a significant place from my childhood; a beach where I grew up, are ordered and structured in repetitive clusters, each moment in time sliced and woven to form a chaotic, rhythmic mix. --- D/P Marcia Jane TD Digibeta/2007/4 mins ... Read more
Tony is a 28 year old who has inherited a remarkable physical idiosyncrasy. Screened at Clermont-Ferrand 08 --- D/S Adrian Sitaru P Horea Murgu L French w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/20mins ... Read more
A soft-centred contest where the vanilla-slice is more than just a delicious pastry. --- D/P Scott Baskett WS VCA School of Film and Television TD Vid/Col/2007/11min ... Read more
A thematic companion piece to Runarsson's Oscar-nominated short, The Last Farm (MIFF 06), where the main protagonist makes the ultimate sacrifice out of love. --- D/S Runar Runarsson P ZikZak Films WS Icelandic Film Centre TD 35mm/2008/15mins ... Read more
Progress comes at a price: a two and three-dimensional flight across now destroyed neighbourhoods in Shanghai. --- D/P Zhenchen Liu L Chinese w/English Subtitles WS Heure Exquise TD BetaSP/2007/10mins ... Read more
Lebrat extracts this vortex of rain and water from the Venice canals in real time with contemplative and virtuoso camera moves, concocting a textured dance of digital light. Australian Premiere. --- D/P Christian Lebrat L no dialogue TD Digibeta/2007/11 mins ... Read more
From a stand of trees to the end of time, think Michael Snow on crystal meth. Australian Premiere. --- D Johan Lurf WS Six pack Film TD 35mm/2007/19 mins. ... Read more
At the seaside two families experience two extreme situations - as a man fights boredom a woman is lost in the waves. --- D/S Adrian Sitaru P Horea Murgu L Romanian w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/16mins ... Read more
Weird. Terrifying. Funny. Or just WTF? This collection of sometimes disturbing cinematic oddities is difficult to classify any other way. ... Some of the films in this program may contain content that could offend. ... Read more
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