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Surface (Portugal)Mapping (Israel)Juvenile (UK)Joyce (Brazil).3-8 (France)The Imaginary Girl (UK) ---Program Length 83mins Screening 31 July 5.15pm ACMI ... Read more
A program of bold and eclectic shorts from around the globe including Cannes award winners and a new metafiction film starring Charlotte Rampling. ... Read more
Angels Die in the Soil (Iran)Tony Zoriel (France)Waves (Romania)Ali and the Ball (Australia)Megatron (Romania) --- Program Length 96mins Screening 3rd Aug 11am ACMI ... Read more
A program of bold and eclectic shorts from around the globe including Cannes award winners. ... Read more
Two Birds (Smafuglar) (Iceland)Dennis (Denmark)I Love Sarah Jane (Australia)Alex and Her Arse Truck (UK)Mumbler (Belgium) Love You More (UK) --- Program Length 100 mins Screening 6th Aug 5:15pm KINO ... Read more
Growing up can be dangerous. Awarded the Jury Prize at Cannes 2008, director Avery won the Emerging Filmmaker Award at MIFF in 06. Australian premiere.OFLC have provided certification for this short (on 21/7/08) and children under the age of 15 can be admitted to this screening but MUST be ... Read more
12-year-old Joyce and her sister Larissa are practicing to be women: putting on make-up, dancing seductively, and (for Joyce) falling in love. --- D/P/S Caroline Leone TD 35mm/2007/13mins ... Read more
A single dad's teenage daughter brings home her first boyfriend. Screened at Edinburgh 2007, Sundance 2008, Berlin 2008. Australian premiere. --- D/P/S China Moo-Young TD 35mm/2007/11mins ... Read more
An old family portrait comes to life. A beguiling rumination on art in the age of electronic reproduction. Australian Premiere. --- D Antonello Matarazzo TD DigiBeta/2008/2 mins ... Read more
Two elderly Hungarian sisters living in New York continue to cling to their craft, their grudges and each other. Screened at SXSW. --- D/P Christina Voros TD digibeta/2007/13mins ... Read more
In the Bucharest gridlock, a thief strikes up a strange relationship with his female victim. --- D/S Gabriel Sirbu P Horea Murgu L Romanian w/English subtitles TD 16mm/2007/20mins ... Read more
A special episode of television's Full House devours itself from the inside out, excavating a hypnotic nightmare of a culture lost at sea. Australian Premiere. --- D/S Michael Robinson TD DigiBeta/2007/11mins ... Read more
A tale of punk lovers from Turner prize nominated artist Sam Taylor-Wood, shot by Atonement cinematographer Seamus McGarvey. Australian Premiere. --- D/S Sam Taylor Wood P Caroline Harvey, Patrick Marbe, Anthony Minghella, Sam Taylor Wood TD 35mm/2008/15mins ... Read more
From an artistic residency at NASA, this Brighton-based duo investigates and animates unseeable forces. Australian Premiere. --- D Semiconductor WS LUX TD DigiBeta/2007/4mins ... Read more
“I have been making film portraits of my favourite artists… Guy Maddin was on the top of the list, but he told me he would rather die than have his face filmed - so I opted for his hands!' - Marie Losier --- D Marie Losier TD DigiBeta/2007/13mins ... Read more
Two surveyors are working during Memorial Day on the construction of the separation wall, oblivious to Israel's absurd realities that surrounding them. Australian Premiere. --- D/S Asaf Saban P L Hebrew w/English subtitles TD DigiBeta/2007/15mins ... Read more
Maxim lives together with his mother in a village near Bucharest. ... Winner of the short film Cannes Palm d'Or. ... --- D/S Marian Crisan P Anca Puiu L Romanian w/English subtitles Hebrew w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008/15mins ... Read more
Returning once again is the annual MIFF Shorts Awards, where the best shorts of the Festival will be announced and screened. ... Also screening is the winner of the MIFF TAKE/60 film competition, The Disarray of Our Youth by Marwan Khneisser. ... MIFF features one of the most highly regarded short ... Read more
All prize-winning films will be announced at the awards ceremony and a small selection of the winning films will be screened, time permitting. ... Read more
Graze and roam through each shot from the Charlie Chaplin short A Film Johnny (1914) or watch them all at once. You decide. --- D/P Norbert Pffenbicher WS Sixpack TD 35mm/2007/9mins ... Read more
A young man making his daily walk in the Flemish countryside meets the hostile inhabitants of the region. Special Jury Prize at Clermont Ferrand 08. Australian premiere. --- D/S Marc Roels and Wim Reygaert P Stephanie Deleuze, Aine Clarke WS T42 Films TD DigiBeta/2007/22mins ... Read more
Harry really wants a rabbit. Harry's dad really wants his wife back. But both seem to have forgotten that they already have each other. --- D/S David Michôd P Angie Fielder & Polly Staniford TD 35mm/2007/15mins ... Read more
Based on a story by Roddy Doyle, this comedic short captures the experience of being the new kid in school through the eyes of Joseph, a nine-year-old African boy. --- D/S Steph Green P Tamara Anghie TD 35mm/2007/11mins ... Read more
A contemporary Western about desperate buyers, desperate sellers, and an unthinkable deal. World premiere --- D/S Ben Phelps P John Maynard TD 35mm/2007/15mins ... Read more
A disarmingly straightforward film whose luminosity and embroidered craft raises what has become commonplace in the digital back into a realm of aesthetic pleasure. --- D/P Francien van Everdingen WS Filmbank TD 16mm/2007/3mins ... Read more
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