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Bogotá Change ... Ridden with crime and drugs, Bogotá was once considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Then Antanus Mockus - a man fired from his university job for mooning his students in a fit of rage - was elected mayor, and turned the city into a model for the rest ... Read more
Cairo Garbage ... With 10,000 tonnes of new garbage produced every day, Cairo is drowning in its own waste. Even the ‘garbage people' who for years have made a living from the discarded goods can't keep up with the pace of waste production. Enter Italian contractors and trash-eating pigs to help ... Read more
Mumbai Disconnected ... With a population set to grow from 18 million to 28.5 million in the next 10 years - 80% of whom currently catch the train to and from work each day - Mumbai is a city warping under the weight of its own infrastructure. Two citizens and a politician push their own agendas in ... Read more
Shanghai Space ... In a city that grows by half a million people per year, space is a precious commodity. Shanghai's rapid expansion is forcing officials to look at subterranean accommodation as a possible answer to its housing woes. ... --- ... D Nanna Frank Møller P Helle Faber WS Danish ... Read more
A sculptress living in a remote artists' compound provides refuge to a wounded stranger, setting the scene for a dangerous love triangle. ... When Margot provides the exhausted Nick with shelter, little does she know that she's inviting into her home a murderer on the run from police. Soon the two ... Read more
What would the apocalypse look like? ... Home to the US automobile industry, Detroit was once the gleaming hub of America's industrial engine. But as the economy disintegrates, Detroit has become the symbol of the collapse of the American Dream. The city lies in ruins. Empty factories and abandoned ... Read more
A voyeuristic ode to the buildings and landscapes of Denmark's capital. ... A tribute to the physical surroundings that shape the lives of Copenhagen locals, Max Kestner's documentary avoids historical reverie to create a ‘here and now' snapshot of a thoroughly modern city. ... While lovingly ... Read more
"Gentrification, economic inequality, class conflict, and the rusty reality of the American Dream." - Village Voice ... Willets Point is an almost forgotten industrial corner of Queens, tucked behind the New York Mets' shiny and commercialised Citi Field Stadium. Here a multicultural array of ... Read more
'The architect really has no power. That is the truth.' - Lord Norman Foster ... One of the world's most prolific modern architects, Lord Norman Foster has designed renowned buildings and landmarks such as Wembley Staduim, Berlin's Reichstag building and London's 30 St Mary Axe (otherwise known as ... Read more
Jia Zhang-ke, China's most acclaimed contemporary filmmaker, turns his gaze toward the ultimate mega-city: Shanghai. ... Commissioned for last year's Shanghai World Fair - but overcoming its roots as an 'official' film - this documentary from Jia Zhang-ke (Filmmaker-in-Focus, MIFF 2005; Still Life ... Read more
"Jaw dropping... one of the most extraordinary factual films to be shown this year." - Guardian ... Around 150 km northwest of Helsinki, the Finnish government is building a solution to the world's nuclear waste problem: an underground repository called Onkalo (or 'hiding place'), intended to ... Read more
... Presented by ... ... ... See Melbourne through the decades with these shorts focusing on the environs of our fair city. Spanning the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, these films capture the streets and architecture of Melbourne in all their glory. ... Read more about the Melbourne on Film program in ... Read more
See Melbourne through the decades with these shorts focusing on the environs of our fair city. Spanning the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, these films capture the streets and architecture of Melbourne in all their glory. ... Read more about the Melbourne on Film program in Senses of Cinema. ... Read more
In Ninety-Nine Percent, Mangiamele's only comedy, Italian widower Joseph Pino and his young son Peter live a chaotic and deeply opposed life. However their relationship begins to heal as they embark on a quest to find Joseph a wife. ... D/P Giorgio Mangiamele Dist NFSA TD 35mm/1963 ... Screens with ... Read more
An extraordinary viewing experience that has to be seen on the big screen. ... With this film, set in one of the driest place in the world - Chile's Atacam desert - filmmaker Patricio Guzmán uses the desertscape and the skies above it for a meditation on space, time, history and politics. ... Read more
A compelling exposition of master sculptor Anselm Kiefer's manufactured landscapes. ... Directed by Sophie Fiennes (The Perverts Guide to Cinema, MIFF 06) and produced by Kees Kasander (Fish Tank, MIFF 09) this production is a creative journey into the soul of German artist Anselm Kiefer. A giant ... Read more
'It's mesmerising and, to that extent, forcefully confronts us with the ugliness of industrialisation.' - Times ... Under 4.3 million hectares of boreal forest in Canada lies a mixture of sand and crude oil known as the Alberta Tar Sands. As the world's second-largest oil reserve it has become the ... Read more
An abandoned swimming pool becomes one of New York's most significant music venues since CBGBs. ... When the McCarren Pool opened in Williamsburg in 1936, it was the size of a football field with the capacity to hold 6,800 bathers. When it closed abruptly in 1983, it became a hang out for gangs ... Read more
"The artist is someone who pays attention and reports back." - James Benning ... Experimental filmmaker James Benning moves from 16mm to high-definition video in his first film shot outside of the USA - an unhurried, meticulously composed meditation on the industrial landscapes of the Ruhr Valley ... Read more
A portrait of growing up as a newly arrived migrant in 1950s Melbourne, The Spag revolves around Giovannino, a young Italian paperboy. When his father dies, his mother wants to return to Italy, but Giovannino wants to stay, despite always being the 'dago' and 'spag'. ... D/P Giorgio Mangiamele Dist ... Read more
A celebrity photographer. An eccentric politician. A high-powered property developer. An epic battle to decide the fate of a St Kilda parking lot. ... In May 2007 the Port Phillip City Council unveiled plans for a large-scale commercial development on the St Kilda foreshore - a $400 million mega ... Read more
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