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Missed Films of Masters

The film is based on a tale by P'u Sung- ... Ling , a poor scholar, who lived at the ... end of the 17th century. The director ... combined the filming of “The Heroic ... Maid”, a simple story, with the philosophical concept of Zen, to make it more ... effective. The story is set in a remote ... Read more
During the last thirty years, the life of the Hungarian peasantry underwent many changes: From the times of unemployment to the land distribution in 1945, and then, the organisation of the collective farms. ... Embedded in the depiction of the historical events is the story of a friendship between ... Read more
The Children Are Watching Us was de Sica's first serious attempt at realism. ... An adaptation of a novel by Cesare Giulio Viola, the literary and elaborate ... script provides a vivid illustration of his ... attitude of that time: he wanted his films ... to be “a word in favour of the poor and ... Read more
Our civilization is moving towards its end, and fast - this is one possible message of Bresson's film. ... Charles, a sensitive young man, wanders about in Paris, lost and desperate: there is no solution for his sorrows, since they are the sorrows of the world. The solutions that are being offered ... Read more
BertoIucci's first film (1962) starts like a thriller: The body of a woman is found on a river bank near a suburban park in Rome, and the police interrogate a number of people who were seen in the vicinity before the murder. ... A former thief, a homosexual and the two boys he picked up, a man ... Read more
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