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“We wanted to explore some of the unspoken fears and vulnerabilities that many men face, but are unable to voice.” - filmmaker Michael Joy ... Six strangers meet in a suburban lounge room to talk. It's a first step in expressing themselves in a way they've never done before. Although initially ... Read more
An indisputable Australian classic, based on the novel by Helen Garner and featuring music performed by the Divinyls. Starring Colin Friels and Noni Hazelhurst in her AFI award-winning role, Monkey Grip wades through the sex, drugs and rock ‘n' roll scene of Melbourne in the late 70s. It's a ... Read more
A searing document of one man's determination to illuminate the ignored conflicts of Asia. ... This documentary from political filmmaker David Bradbury (Raul the Terrible) focuses on the startling works of freelance photojournalist Philip Blenkinsop. From his shots of the Falintil guerillas in the ... Read more
WORLD PREMIERE ... A stunning and cinematic big screen event documentary celebrating Australia at night. ... Showing society in all its forms, people and places, urban and rural, Night explores the universal nature of night and how we experience it. Beautiful and arresting imagery captures the mood ... Read more
Carrying the world on your shoulders is difficult when you're only 16.A drama lived through the eyes of an adolescent. Tony Hobb is not your average 16-year-old - after the death of his father he's left to not only look after his infant brother Charlie but also to care for mum. Juggling school ... Read more
In love for the long haul. ... From celebrated Australian filmmaker David Caesar (Dirty Deeds, Mullet) comes Prime Mover, a diesel-charged romance about ambition, pressure, responsibility, and the love shared by a man, a woman and his truck. ... A funny and moving slice of everyday life mixed with ... Read more
An escaped criminal wages a war of retribution against a sleepy town in Victoria's high country in this modern outlaw thriller. ... When police officer Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten, True Blood) and his pregnant wife Alice relocated to the small country town of Red Hill, they hoped for a quiet life ... Read more
WORLD PREMIERE ... “The most intimate, affectionate and revealing portrait of an Australian politician I've ever seen.” - Bob Connolly, co-director Rats in the Ranks Written and directed by journalist, writer, speechwriter (and Australia's foremost chronicler of the Australian Labour Party) Bob ... Read more
The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.Aging artist and scholar Barry is disenchanted with his existence - disillusioned by his sexless marriage to a televangelist, and repulsed by her brand of easy-to-swallow self-help Christianity. In dire need of an outlet he turns to Irina, a Russian ... Read more
Searching 4 Sandeep Australia In Searching 4 Sandeep, Sydney-based Poppy and her online girlfriend, Sandeep, finally meet in Thailand and appear deliriously taken with each other. That's when things get tricky, as though the logistics of long distance love aren't enough to negotiate. Sandeep is yet ... Read more
WORLD PREMIERE ... Set against the backdrop of a seminal moment in Australia's past - the 1967 upheaval of race relations - September is a humane, cinematic and intricately drawn coming-of-age story. ... Born on the same day, 16 year-olds Ed and Paddy have been best friends for as long as they can ... Read more
Homegrown stories with international appeal… This world-class collection of celebrated short films draws from the talents of Accelerator alumni, best MIFF shorts award-winners, graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and Australia Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), and ... Read more
“Whatever you do you must think whether it brings good to the world.”Shot entirely on location in Darra Adam Khel, a small village in Pakistan, Son of a Lion is an intergenerational drama between father and son. Eleven-year-old Niaz, who wants nothing more than an education, struggles with his ... Read more
Closure is just the beginning. ... The action of this brand new Australian drama centres around the return of Heidi (Rachel Taylor) to Australia in search of family and friends. With only a violin and little cash she ends up catching the attention of a handsome farmer (Alex Dimitriades) who takes ... Read more
A documentary of humanity, old age and a vanishing way of life in provincial France. ... In a small French village, the world moves past the window of Madame Clos. Over countless cups of tea she remembers the things she's seen, the people she knew and the world as it was. ... The ever-vivacious ... Read more
Coloured by a career of salacious rumour, heart-breaking good looks and a ‘live fast, die young' modus operandi, Tasmanian-born Errol Flynn's life was the stuff of Hollywood legend. Endowed with physical attributes (you know what we're talking about) as mighty as his screen appeal, he eventually ... Read more
“A finely chiseled drama about an unstable Chinese mother struggling to reconcile her desires with her children's needs in early 70s Australia… speaks bittersweet truths about life in the Chinese diaspora.” - Variety Drawing from autobiographical experiences, filmmaker Tony Ayres ... Read more
A lyrical film about dealing with loss, set in stunning rural Queensland. ... The fruit of a partnership between French filmmaker Julie Bertuccelli (Since Otar Left) and Australian producers, The Tree closed the 2010 Cannes Film Festival to a standing ovation. ... Based on a book by Aussie ... Read more
Boys will be boys.With one night left before being shipped off to Iraq, three Navy officers on shore leave hit the town to celebrate. Dean chases down his fiancée, Sam tries to avoid his partner and Harry just wants to let rip. Gambling, women and practical jokes - all fuelled by booze - produce ... Read more
WORLD PREMIERE ... A bold, intelligent and unashamedly cinematic rendering of the Shakespearean classic drawing from the talents of Melbourne's leading thespians. ... This modern version of Hamlet comes from the back alleys of Melbourne's CBD. It borrows from French New Wave, Dogme 95 and ... Read more
Their dream holiday became their worst nightmare. ... For Beth and Harry, the perfect romantic escape means doing something different, and going somewhere that's remote, secluded and completely uninhabited. But when they charter a boat to drop onto an isolated coral island, what seems at first like ... Read more
“No man can tell what he will do when driven by hunger.” - Alexander Pearce ... In 1822, eight convicts escape the brutal penal settlement of Macquarie Harbour, only to find the wilds of Tasmania a much crueller reality. As the provisions run out and the men fight to stay alive, only one option ... Read more
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