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German Series

German director Wim Wenders was represented at iast year's festival by The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty Kick. His later film, Alice in the Cities, is a chronologically ordered film about an extensive trip through America, Holland and Germany. Rudiger Vogeler plays a journalist, almost thirty ... Read more
Fiction and documentary are blended in an attempt to produce an insight into the subjective nature of truth. ... Inge Meier, who steals from her lovers, is not a prostitute, but merely combines the satisfaction of ... her sexual and her material desires. Secret agent Rita MiJller-Eisert, instead of ... Read more
At the age of eighty-two. Lina Braake loses her home. The bank has plans to develop the site and her house is about to be pulled down. Against her will, she is placed in an old people's home on the outskirts of the city. The shock of her move renders Lina passive to what is happening to her. But ... Read more
This film follows Alexander Kluge's earlier picture on the female condition, made in 1966, Yesterday's Girl. His new social satire takes as its protagonist an impoverished young housewife, Roswitha, who tries to make ends meet by performing backyard abortions. For a commission, she directs more ... Read more
Contrary to the impression the title may inspire, this German film is concerned with industrial relations. Directed by Christian Ziewer and Klaus Wiese, it deals with the conflicts, ambivalent needs and contradictory viewpoints which characterize the social situation and influence the lives of ... Read more
Young Wilhelm Meister is on the way: from Bonn, past a castle on the Rhine, through a suburb of Frankfurt and on to the great mountain, the Zugspitze. He is escaping from boredom and dullness, and he hopes that travel will enable him to fulfil his ambition to write. ... On the journey, he meets a ... Read more
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