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The story of Napster's Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, whose desire to share music wounded an entire industry. ... Fans loved it, Metallica and Dr Dre vowed to destroy it, and after three years plundering the catalogues of the music behemoths, Napster was bankrupt. But the story of the toll it took ... Read more
Adam Yauch's 2010 tongue-in-cheek homage to the Beastie Boys' breakthrough song, Fight For Your Right (to Party), picks up where the original video left off. ... Essentially an extended showcase video for the Beastie's last album, The Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2, it reveals what happened after Mike ... Read more
"All these boy bands out there making a ton of money, they just swipe their shit from the Descendents." - Keith Morris (Black Flag, OFF!) ... Would the likes of Green Day and Blink 182 have existed were it not for Californian punk-pop band the Descendents? Unlikely, according to this entertaining ... Read more
“It's a band that changed South African music, and that's as big a legacy as you can get.” ... Putting together an Afrikaans punk band started out as a kind of joke for the members of Fuck Off Police Car (Fokofpolisiekar in Afrikaans), but they unwittingly became the voice of a generation of ... Read more
“Ugliness is, in a way, superior to beauty, because it lasts.” - Serge Gainsbourg ... Singer. Poet. Artist. Actor. Filmmaker. Novelist. Troublemaker. Icon. ... Serge Gainsbourg lived an extraordinarily unlikely life. As a child, he fled Nazi-occupied Paris with his Jewish family, and made his ... Read more
7 Countries, 3 Continents, 1 Tribe. ... Headbangers, filmmakers and anthropologists Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen once again hit the road to discover the impact heavy metal music has had on cultures outside Europe and the US. Travelling to South America, Asia and the Middle East, Dunn and McFadyen ... Read more
When Sam Phillips opened a storefront recording studio in Memphis 50 years ago, he tapped the rich musical vein of the Mississippi delta and instantly sparked a revolution. Sun Records superstars including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins inspired generations. Sun also ... Read more
Grateful Dawg traces the decades long friendship between the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia and bluegrass picker and musicologist, David Grisman, who met by chance at a Bill Monroe concert in 1964. ... Over a thirty year period the two kept in contact to write tunes, record, perform and talk for days ... Read more
“The two-dozen high-school basketballers assembled in this stupefyingly enjoyable doc are the future Iron Men of the NBA.” - Time Out NY ... Rucker Park in Harlem looks no different to any other basketball court in New York City, but this is the place where nicknames are earned, and legends are ... Read more
"Infectiously winning ... honest and open-hearted, the kind [of film] that leaves behind the glow of romance." - Variety ... Once upon a time if a young Filipino man wanted to woo a girl there was only one thing for it: harana. Backed by friends and the town's finest guitarist he would stand ... Read more
“Who wants to live in a world where the same strip mall is in every town and city, where everyone who helps you is in a stupid blue uniform?” - filmmaker Brendan Toller ... With wry humour and DIY gusto, guerrilla filmmaker Brendan Toller investigates why over 3000 independent record stores ... Read more
Meet Chad Morgan, the dentally challenged king of Australian country music. ... For almost 60 years, Chad Morgan has been one of country Australia's quintessential and most beloved troubadours. A man who has come to represent the comic voice of the Australian outback, Morgan, now 78, still tours ... Read more
This poignant, performance-driven documentary provides the first real film insight into the life and loves of one of rock's true icons. Broadly, it's the story of a songwriter of extraordinary genius and the price he paid to articulate that vision. ... Forever an outsider in London (he spent his ... Read more
The hard facts are that Iggy Pop is now, at 55, the age of most grandfathers and can still rock, shock and roll harder than most pups half his age. A veteran of more than 30 years in the music biz (and now some 12 films), Iggy is still a mean and muscled mayhem machine in concert. This shirts-off ... Read more
“A three-headed, amped-up, guitar-shredding slamdown powered by a pan-generational trio of rock gods.” - Variety ... Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) fires up the Marshall stack for this raucous tribute to the electric guitar, and ode to three guitar legends. It Might Get Loud ... Read more
Director Julien Temple will be a guest of the festival and will be introducing the screening of Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten ... “Phenomenal, captures the spirit of rock and roll.” - Uncut Julien Temple does to Joe Strummer what he did to the Sex Pistols in The Filth and the Fury ... Read more
In a two-foot-long wooden box, renowned British DJ and broadcaster John Peel kept his most precious collection of 142 vinyl, seven-inch singles. John Peel's Record Box literally lifts the lid on this stash of his most precious gems one year following his sudden death. Found within are The White ... Read more
“For me, Kate Bush was always a trump card when the tiresome ‘question' of female artistic genius came up.” - ObserverArguably the most unique female musician ever, Kate Bush's eclectic musical style and idiosyncratic lyrics have influenced a generation of singers and songwriters. In 1978, at ... Read more
“More than any other rock musician, he is the baddest motherfucker in the world.” - Dave Grohl ... Lemmy Kilmister and God get in a fight, who wins? Trick question, Lemmy is God. Alice Cooper, Lars Ulrich, Ozzy Osbourne and a cast of thousands attest to this fact as we go on the road with ... Read more
"New York became a part of who John and I were. We couldn't have existed the same way anywhere else." - Yoko Ono ... Just when you thought nothing new could be said or seen of John Lennon, Michael Epstein comes along with a fresh, eye-opening look at the final decade of Lennon's life following his ... Read more
“Madness have made the album of their career.” - Mojo ... Iconic UK ska band Madness is at it again - after over a decade of silence, they've released The Liberty of Norton Folgate, a sweeping love letter to their native city of London, and its very chequered history. ... Coinciding with the ... Read more
A revealing and intimate glimpse into the creative process of indie rock pioneer Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh and Folk Implosion. ... --- ... D/P Adam Harding TD betacamsp/2010 ... --- ... D/P Adam Harding TD betacamsp/2010 ... Read more
“I don't like nostalgia unless it's mine.” - Lou ReedLou Reed's Berlin album, released in 1973 to commercial failure and media excoriation, has been called Lou Reed's unknown masterpiece. A concept album about Jim and Caroline, two junkies stuck in an abusive relationship, it has never been ... Read more
“Made in Jamaica embraces both the spiritual and the carnal expressions of the island's best music.” - Toronto Film Festival Reggae is Jamaica's blues: A music of both desperation and hope. Instantly recognisable, today it can be heard in every corner of the world. Made In Jamaica portraits the ... Read more
“I'm living proof that things go wrong in America and I'm also living proof that things can go right.” - Merle Haggard. ... Country music legend and poet of the common man Merle Haggard takes centre stage for this candid documentary that, just like the man himself, tells it like it is ... Read more
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