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USA, 2012 (MIFF 2013, International Panorama)

Director: Jeffery Friedman,Rob Epstein

"The lurid celebrity and sordid aftermath of the brief career of the world's first porn star is vividly, if not explicitly, etched in Lovelace." - Hollywood Reporter

Raised in a strict religious family, Linda Boreman thought she'd found freedom and the good life when she married the charismatic but controlling Chuck Traynor. He led her into porn, and Deep Throat made her an instant celebrity as Linda Lovelace. Cavorting with Hugh Hefner, she became an enthusiastic mouthpiece for hedonism, but allegations of depraved abuse soon emerged, documented in her gruelling anti-porn memoir Ordeal.

Porn icon or abuse victim? Lovelace tackles the question, following the Deep Throat star's scandalous career and uncovering her tragic secrets. Amanda Seyfried excels depicting the unwitting naïf and the damaged but defiant woman she became. With a strong supporting cast (including Peter Sarsgaard, Hank Azaria and James Franco, as well as Robert Patrick and a fearless Sharon Stone as Linda's parents) and assured directing from Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (Howl), the film reveals the conflicted nature of sexual liberation in the 70s.

"Seyfried needs more roles like this one … Sarsgaard is even more incredible as he makes us see the humanity in an atrocious human being." - Collider

D Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman P Jason Weinberg, Jim Young, Heidi Jo Markel, Laura Rister S Andy Bellin Dist Roadshow Entertainment TD DCP2012

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