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USA, 2012 (MIFF 2012, Backbeat)

Director: Poull Brien

“Charles Bradley's rise to the limelight is utterly amazing.” - Spin magazine

Charles Bradley has been a self-made James Brown impersonator for many years, but at 62 - an age at which many musicians might start reflecting on their long-past heyday - he's shifted away from his tribute act to record and release his first original album, No Time For Dreaming (which went on to be named one of Rolling Stone's 2011 albums of the year). It's the start of an incredible journey; documenting it is Charles Bradley: Soul of America, an uplifting film about a man finding his own unique voice, and offering a fresh perspective on making music as he does.

Director Poull Brien's debut feature is immensely energising, buoyed by a truly engaging subject. Bradley is charismatic, kind-hearted and preternaturally talented, with an infectious determination to succeed despite the odds. And his odds have been significant: homelessness, poverty, violence and a mother who abandoned him but with whom he now shares a doting, affectionate bond. His spirited and emotional performances transform the tragedies of his past into joyful celebrations of survival, and his growth both as an artist and a person is a wonder to behold.

Also featuring Sharon Jones and other Daptone stars, top-notch production values and an exquisite soundtrack of inspirational soul music, this delightful film will have fans and newcomers alike rejoicing in the aisles.

“Only the soulless will fail to respond to… this passionate, powerful singer.” - Hollywood Reporter

D Poull Brien P Alexander Brough TD HD Cam/2012

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