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Sweden, 2011 (MIFF 2012, Facing North: Swedish Cinema in Focus)

Director: Fredrik Gertten

“You are naïve if you take a pop at a big multi-national and not think they'll come at you.”

A confronting documentary that captures the repercussions of Swedish director Fredrik Gertten's film BANANAS!* (MIFF 10) - investigating the successful lawsuit of 12 Nicaraguan workers against the Dole corporation - Big Boys Gone Bananas!* is a frightening insight into the world of spin and corporate cover-ups.

BANANAS!* was accepted to screen in competition at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2009, but just prior to screening Dole threatened to sue Gertten and his producer Margarete Jangard if they didn't withdraw the film from competition. An avalanche of Dole-related legal and emotional woes followed, sending Gertten and his team on a quintessential David and Goliath journey, the result of which is this damning portrayal of American corporate influence on everyone from the media to independent non-profit organisations.

“Fredrik Gertten's sobering and insightful Big Boys Gone Bananas!* should be compulsory viewing for any wannabe documentary filmmaker embarking on their investigative opus without a fear in the world.” - Screen Daily

Fredrik Gertten is a guest of the festival.

D/S Fredrik Gertten P Margarete Jangård WS Autlook Film Sales L Swedish, English w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011

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