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France, 2011 (MIFF 2012, Next Gen)

Director: Bibo Bergeron

“A nostalgic waltz through a century-old City of Light, A Monster in Paris is an enchanting little 3D animation film... filled with catchy song-and-dance numbers from real-life French musicians.” - Hollywood Reporter

Paris, 1910. Thanks to a freak greenhouse accident, film-loving cinema projectionist Emile (Jay Harrington) and his mad scientist friend Raoul (Adam Goldberg) inadvertently unloose a giant bug on the city, sparking a massive monster hunt. But when the oversized insect turns out to be a gentle, gifted musician, nightclub singer Lucille (Vanessa Paradis) employs him in her band and the citizens of Paris learn to love him - despite the best efforts of the wicked police chief.

With A Monster in Paris, writer/director Bibo Bergeron (Shark Tale) and producer Luc Besson (Atlantis, MIFF 92) deliver a warm-hearted 3D animated musical telling a classic tale of the power of friendship and music to overcome fear and misunderstanding.

MIFF recommends age 8+ (No person under the age of 15 years shall be admitted to the screenings of the said film(s) unless in the company of a parent or adult guardian.)

D Bibo Bergeron P Luc Besson, Bibo Films, France 3 Cinéma, Walking the Dog S Stéphane Kazandijian, Bibo Bergeron Dist Madman Entertainment TD 3D DCP/2011

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