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USA, 2011 (MIFF 2012, International Panorama)

Director: Todd Solondz

“Solondz's most waywardly endearing film - his gentlest triumph.” - Time

In a suburban world where every character knows their true value in the social order, 35-year-old man-child Abe (Jordan Gelber) lives in a state of underachieving arrested development with his parents (Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow). When Abe meets the chronically depressed and equally developmentally arrested Miranda (Selma Blair), he develops a crush on her and, having effectively given up, she passively encourages his affections.

Dark Horse is a fresh look at the suburbs with all the trademark cynical wit expected from director Todd Solondz (Life During Wartime, MIFF 10; Palindromes, MIFF 05). A compelling study of self-delusion and relationship woes, this is a film that will bring an uneasy smile to the faces of audiences.

“A bold and clever movie in which the filmmaker revisits his usual turf… and finds something he hasn't before.” - New Yorker

Screens with Double or Nothing (USA, 11 mins).

D/S Todd Solondz P Ted Hope, Derrick Tseng Dist Village Roadshow Entertainment TD DCP/2011

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