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Israel, 2002 (MIFF 2003, International Panorama)

Director: Eytan Fox

Yossi and Jagger are officers in the Israeli army, serving mandatory army service, stationed on a remote military base on the border with Lebanon. The two men are lovers, hiding their affair from the officers in charge, and the eclectic group of fellow soldiers serving with them. While this group of 20-somethings all have different agendas, the one thing they share is a love of life. However, Yossi and Jagger are outcasts, forging a place of their own in an oppressive and rigid system, defending a cause they do not necessarily believe in. One day they are told to prepare for a night ambush, and to expect the possibility that they might confront the enemy ...

Powerful and unsentimental, Yossi & Jagger, which is based on a true story, presents a tender and heartbreaking portrait of two people trying to survive in a seemingly impossible world. A critical and box-office hit in Israel, the film screened at the Berlin Film Festival's Panorama section this year.

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