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Greece, 2001 (MIFF 2002, International Panorama)

Director: Constantine Giannaris

Escaping the blistering heat of Athens in mid August, rich and poor alike head for cooler, less claustrophobic holiday destinations. From one apartment block, a snapshot of modern Athens emerges - two young couples and a family - representing the nouveau riche, middle class and working class. As each car, windows wound down, heads to different parts of the Greek mainland, their journeys provoke unsettling truths that bring them face-to-face with critical life decisions. Meanwhile, in their absence, a 17-year-old tearaway burglar, on the run from the police, invades the empty apartment block. Finding refuge from the outside world, his prying eyes uncover the secret lives of the main characters.

A road movie with a difference, the multiple threads of One Day in August are uniquely informed by the burglar's clandestine discoveries. Punctuated with humour, poignancy and small everyday miracles, this Berlin International Film Festival inclusion delivers sharply.

Constantine Giannaris was born in 1959. His films include Trojans (1990), North of Vortex (1991), Caught Looking (1991) and From the Edge of the City (1998).

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