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Germany, 1999 (MIFF 2000, Documentaries)

Director: Werner Herzog

My Best Fiend is an alarming documentary about the love-hate relationship between Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski. The film deals with the deep trust between the director and actor and their independently and simultaneously hatched plans to murder each other!

Collaborating on such classics as Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972) and Nosleratu, the Vampire (1978), their relationship looms large in the pantheon of contentious director/actor partnerships. Utilising an impressive array of film clips, as well as revisiting Kinski's old haunts and some of the challenging locations where they filmed and fought, Herzog paints a stirring portrait of a lost comrade.

Herzog talks hatefully and lovingly about Kinski, his best fiend, who was engrossed in himself every second of the day. Even if the viewer hasn't seen any of their collaborations, Herzog's filmmaking skill is evident in this vivid and affectionate memoir. He whets the appetite for catching up on past masterpieces in an effort to catch a glimpse of this legendary friendship.

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