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USA, 2000 (MIFF 2000, International Panorama)

Director: David Gordon Green

"This hypnotic, poignant and richy imaginative work actually uses the 'I cannot tell a lie' folklore of America's first President as an ironic counterpoint to a stylised tale of lost youth in the South"—Filmmaker

The surprise hit of the Berlin Film Festival, George Washington is seen through the eyes of Nasta, an 11 -year-old black girl. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Buddy, she detaches from her group of delinquent friends and becomes romantically obsessed with a strange boy who is burdened by the fact that his skull never hardened after birth.

'The idea was to take the characters and narrative points of the script and blend it with the lives of the actors, their own ideas and the relationships these kids would develop with each other. The cast and small crew lived together in a house as a family throughout the production; complete with chores and curfews. Often, the tension and drama of the situation found an outlet in improvised scenes. There was love and loss and fights and heartbreak every day. It's a very vulnerable and emotional age for these kids. That's what I love about it. Our goal was to film the conflict whenever we could and make it work emotionally toward a human story "—David Gordon Green

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