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Germany, 1994 (MIFF 1996, Contemporary World Cinema )

Director: Sonke Wortmann

Based on Ralf Koenig's cult comic books, The Most Desired Man quickly became Germany highest grossing film upon its release last year director Sonke Wortmann shattering the nation stereotype that a Getman comedy is a contradiction in terms. An impossibly convoluted love quadrangle revolving around Axel (pun intended) who just can't settle on his sexual preference The Most Desired Man is a camp Teutonic farce with all the bed-hopping, hiding in closets a| outraged lovers of a Carry On In Berlin imbue with the type of savage satire Hollywood imported from the Fatherland and turned into films like To Be Or Not To Be and Some Like It Hot. Axel, the philandering dolt at the centre of the action, is surrounded by his homophobic shrewish girlfriend Dorothy, the sensitive surrogate mother, Norbert, the weird Walter and a veritable chorus line of drag queens-making The Most Desired Man the funniest thing to come out of Germany since Lubitsch.

Sonke Wortmann shows why he is considered Germany's hottest young director and through all the humour he continues to deliver insighff views on sex roles, masculinity and miscommunication. Sharing a similar sensibility The Wedding Banquet (MIFF 1993), the film maintains the delicate balance between the sexual cultures and delivers the best date move in a long time.

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