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Australia, 1994 (MIFF 1995, Youth Film Festival)

Director: Stuart McDonald

Rose, a fiesty rebel who thinks she knows it all-and wants it all, and Adrian, an introverted new­comer who has a more temperate but insecure approach to life, meet on the way to a rollerskating rink. The central story is the relationship between Rose and Adrian. Each week, when inter-school sport takes place, students who aren't good enough to compete or have incurred a detention are dumped at the rink. The major release for their tension is a race called The Baby Bath Massacre. The rink owner has superglued plastic baby baths to skateboards. One teenager sits in the bath whilst the other pushes. Adrian and Rose decide they want to win the race. The young characters of Baby Bath Massacre represent the 'hip' and 'now' styles of clothing, attitude and spunk' synonymous with contemporary youth culture without succumbing to appropriated genres of American youth cul­ture. The film avoids stereotypical patronising representations of contemporary Australian youth; by giving the characters interesting lives as strong individuals rather than being the con­ventional appendages alongside 'adult' charac­ters of most Australian and Hollywood features. Baby Bath Massacre is an uplifting story of success and achievement told in an offbeat, gritty way.

This locally produced 'teen flick' was created as part of the RAW series, produced by Jonathan M Shiff Productions and funded by the T.A.C. The RAW series was designed to be telecast via satellite systems in place in all Victorian Govern­ment schools. The series produced this feature Baby Bath Massacre as well as an array of locally produced shorts. The overall objective of the series was to produce quality Australian work which looked at youth empowerment and spoke directly to youth interests and concerns: of which the series has succeeded.

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