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Austria, 1992 (MIFF 1993, Austrian Experimental Films)

Director: Dietmar Brehm

The second instalment of a 6 part series on vio­lence and sexuality — Blicklust juxtaposes 50's S&M, a surgical operation and found footage.

Voyeurism reigns in this display of subtle vio­lence accompanied solely by the relentless sound of traffic outside in the 'real' world. Images of a woman gagged and bound to vari­ous apparatuses slowly fade in and out of a bloodless 'hand job'. The clamped open wound — a metaphor for penetration — is a reality with metallic, hospital implements, however the fate of the woman is left open to sugges­tion. A barrage of visuals including a gaping female mouth all serve to reiterate the objectification of women and the violence that lies under the surface in our society, erupting daily.

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