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Italy / Argentina, 1991 (MIFF 1993)

Director: Marco Bechis

In a lonely, perpetually wind-swept and desolate abode at the tip of South America, lives a man with his two teenage children. Eva, 17, is a worrier by nature, whose dream it is to go to Paris. Juan, 13, is delicate and uncommunicative, absorbed in memorising Old Testament lineages in the hope of one day participating in his favourite T.V. quiz game. Their father is a solitary individual, strict with his children,

Their isolated existence is jolted from its routine with the arrival of the outside world in the form of a young English businessman, with the idea for a tourist boom and an airport.

Bullying his son and daughter to help, the stubborn settler builds a fence to keep the strangers out, and also to lock his family in. One morning, on a day that will transform the lives of Eva and Juan, the wind stops.

Director Marco Bechis paints a remarkably lifelike image of the outlandish God-forsaken landscape near the Magellan Strait, and the sway it holds over its inhabitants is reflected in the crisis of the burgeoning sexuality of the two adolescents. A powerful and evocative portrait of the fine line between seclusion and concealment.

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