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Iran, 1972 (MIFF 1973)

Director: Dariush Mehrjui

Adapted from George Buchner's play, 'Woyzeck', The Postman is the second film by Daryush Mehrjui, whose first film, The Cow, is also an entry in this year's Festival.

The postman of a quiet country town encounters several problems for which there are no easy solutions. He can no longer satisfy his wife's sexual needs, and he has run into debts which he cannot meet. To raise the necessary money, he has two extra jobs - serving various functions for a rich old sheep farmer, and helping the local doctor by searching for plants to provide cattle in the area with a vaccine against a spreading disease. Yet, both his wife and his jobs take second place to his obsession with the lotteries, and so when the farmer's nephew arrives in the district, the postman's wife becomes an easy target for his advances. But her infidelity is imme­diately apparent to her husband.

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