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Sweden (MIFF 1973)

Director: Vilgto Sjöman

Vilgot Sjoman is the maker of The Mistress and My Sister My Love, and whilst both these films were noted for their explicit treatment of 'dangerous' subjects, the development of a sexual relationship in the case of the former, and childbirth in the latter, neither have raised the controversy which emerged with the release ot the first part of his / am Curious.

Lena is committed to non-violence and against social ills, and she shares an apartment with her father who, deserted by his wife, is little inclined to venture outside his limited awareness of the world. However, he introduces his daughter to Borje. An affair develops: she discovers that he is married, and takes flight into the solitude of meditation. He persuades her to return to him, but her reaction to his second deception is a violent one, and she is then confronted with a conflict between her feelings towards Borje and the violent response which his infidelities evoke.

The film, however, develops beyond the outlined narrative level as we trace the real-life Lena's affairs, with Sjöman and with the real-life Borje.

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