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West Germany, 1986 (MIFF 1987)

Director: Philip Gröning

A room. And the story of a man and his child. The child is autistic - and that means that time stands still. It also means isolation. An isolation which overcomes the man just as he is trying to get closer to the boy. Attempts to get closer: what does the boy have that he loves? He only has the child, and this child probably doesn't even know him, doesn't even know that he exists, that the world exists, that the child himself exists. That's what the man has, what he loves. Waiting and silence - and the attempt to learn something about the child. He doesn't learn anything. Not until later, when the outside world intrudes into this confined space. Not until then does something like an encounter take place: when everything is lost, everything is possible again.

Munich Film Festival Programme

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