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West Germany, 1981 (MIFF 1982)

Director: Ingo Kratisch

Georg, a self-assured man of 40, is shattered when his wife, Anna, leaves him. For so long he was the superior one until she, with the speechless and growing contempt of the weaker one, rebels for a moment from which there is no turning back. For him, who loves her with pride, her departure comes as something so unexpected that he falls into a state of mental anguish beyond all remedy. He is despondent over her decision to put an end to some vita! process — their shared lives. As a man who lives with the contradiction between rational and emotional views, he yields to the attempt to find an answer to his uncertainty.

The Logic of Emotion records the melancholy wanderings of a self-possessed man whose illusions are shattered. The pacing of the fiim reflects the rather wandering state of mind of its lead (one hesitates to call him a 'hero') as he ambles about Europe in a Wendersesque odyssey from nowhere to nowhere The actor, Rudiger Vogler, is very familiar with the terrain having perfected his craft in the series of films he made with Wim Wenders in the 1970s.

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