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Denmark, 1981 (MIFF 1982)

Director: Erik Clausen

The Casablanca Circus is a story about three people's drive for happiness. Laila, Charles and Sylvester belong to the proletariat of the streets. In a happy-go-lucky way they move from town to town, providing sensations from real life, dreaming of a box-office success. They are willing to pay the price — or run from it.

Gradually, as reality overtakes them, their collaboration begins to rupture. It is, however, not all who share the travelling performer's attitude to right and wrong, and consequently the Casablanca Circus must pay a price which may seem to be unreasonably high.

The Casablanca Circus is a journey through city slums, provincial towns and camping grounds, through concrete suburbia and winding country roads. A journey through the territory of the travelling performer.

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