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Spain, 1963 (MIFF 1966, Programme 22)

Director: Manuel Summers

In the home of Rocio, the daughter of an Andalusian family, there is great rejoicing: the mourning period for their grandmother has come to an end. Rocio changes her black dress for a brightly coloured one and makes a date with her fiancee, Rafael, to renew their marriage plans. The next day the family gather to celebrate the delayed christening of Rocio's nephew. The baby's grandfather enjoys the occasion wholeheartedly; alas, his unbridled exuberance leads to his sudden death. Once more Rocio and Rafael must separate for a new period of mourning. . .

Although essentially involved with death, the film includes much humour, and director-writer Manuel Summers succinctly makes his point about the stifling of life by outmoded anachronistic mores.

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