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East Germany, 1963 (MIFF 1964)

Director: Annelie Thorndike, Andrew Thorndike

Annelie und Andrew Thorndike, directors of the notable compilation films, The German Story and Operation Teutonic Sword, have now produced, after more than four years of research, The Russian Miracle. The first part of the film utilising old films — some completely unknown, others rescued from forgotten archives — covers the history of Russia from the beginning of the century up to 1922. Carefully con­structed, it is in two main sections, the first showing life in Tsarist Times, the second describing the Inter­vention campaign. These two sections have interlocking reference!! and multiple flashbacks, which bind the whole together in an intricate form.

Skilful use of specially prepared maps is effective in describing the long march of prisoners on their way to exile in Siberia.

The value of the film lies in its use of archive material and the imagination and clarity with which it is organ­ised in a mammoth tribute to the Russian Revolution.

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