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France / Canada, 2008 (MIFF 2009, Night Shift)

Director: Pascal Laugier

“One of the most extreme pictures ever made.” - Total Film

Filmmaker Pascal Laugier (Saint Ange) pushes at ‘acceptable' standards with sadistic violence in this dissection of a young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tortured her as a child.

One of the most controversial and divisive films to screen at Cannes last year, Martyrs takes the recipe established by other recent French horrors - like High Tension and Frontier(s) - and laces it with shades of Clive Barker and Dario Argento.

A film that eclipses the label of ‘torture porn' to be unlike anything seen before.

“The clearest indication yet that today's French horror is… allowing a currently all-too-safe genre to find its excitement, power and strength again.” - Fangoria

Contains scenes that may offend

D/S Pascal Laugier P Richard Grandpierre, Simon Trottier Dist Kojo Pictures L French w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2008

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