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USA, 2008 (MIFF 2009, Night Shift)

Director: J.T. Petty

They wait. They hunt. They feed.

In the Dakotas of the old west a family goes missing, and the only clues left behind are mysterious holes in the ground. A posse is rounded up and the men set out to find the Indians they assume are responsible - but it gradually becomes apparent that something more mysterious is to blame.

The Indians speak of the ‘burrowers', an enemy they seem to fear even more than the settlers. It isn't long before the members of the posse find that the thing they are hunting is now hunting them…

Tremors meets The Searchers in this unique genre mash-up. An old-time western with a monster-horror twist, The Burrowers delivers its unsettling outcome in slow and calculated blows.

D/S J.T. Petty P William Sherak, Jason Shuman Dist Lionsgate Australia TD betacamsp/2008

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