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USA, 2007 (MIFF 2008, Forbidden Pleasures)

Director: Johan Renck

“You realise that love does not mean hurting yourself, right?”

Powerful, emotional and overwhelming, Downloading Nancy - debut feature from music video director Johan Renck - features a stellar performance from Maria Bello (Thank You For Smoking) as a haunting, broken woman who can only find love in pain. Self-mutilation, sadomasochism and suicidal tendencies colour the life of Nancy (Bello), abused by an uncle in childhood and now married to a slimy cold-hearted businessman who remains oblivious to her increasing self-harm. Despite her shrink's best attempts to save her, Nancy knows that death is the only answer; she searches the internet for someone to help her end her life, and finds Luis, a fellow sadomasochist with whom she unexpectedly falls in love with.

D Johan Renck P David Moore, Igor Kovacevich, Jason Essex, Cole Payne S Pamela Cuming, Lee Ross WS Wild Bunch TD 35mm/2007/96mins

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