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UK, 2007 (MIFF 2008, Documentaries)

Director: James Marsh

“‘I have the mind of a criminal.' That was the first thing Philippe Petit told me when I met him. He then went on to show me how he could kill a man with a copy of People magazine.” - Filmmaker James Marsh

On 7 August 1974, a young Frenchman called Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire suspended between New York's Twin Towers, then the world's tallest buildings. After an hour dancing on the wire, with no safety net or harness, he was arrested - the denouement to an illegal escapade that Petit and his team of accomplices had planned for months, and one that would become known as “the artistic crime of the century”.

“Filmmaker James Marsh, like his daring subject, pulls off an astonishing coup.” - Sundance Film Festival

D James Marsh P Simon Chinn Dist Madman International L English, French w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/90mins

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