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UK, 2007 (MIFF 2008, Nightshift)

Director: Olly Blackburn

"A really excellent, intense, balls-to-the-wall thriller... In years to come [Olly] Blackburn will be mentioned in the same breath as Carpenter and Polanski. His vision is that assured." -

Making his feature filmmaking debut, Olly Blackburn gathers a cast of beautiful people for an orgiastic ocean voyage that goes horribly wrong. When some sexy young holidaymakers get together for a cruise on a luxury yacht off the coast of Spain, the scene is set for a drug, booze and sex filled romp. But things take a darker turn, one that soon sees the boat's inhabitants turn viciously on one another.

"Like [Neil Marshall's] The Descent, Donkey Punch has a respect for formula but, more importantly, a commitment to doing things differently, and properly." - Times

Olly Blackburn is a guest of the festival.

D Olly Blackburn P Angus Lamont, Mark Herbert, Robin Gutch S Olly Blackburn, David Bloom Dist Madman TD 35mm/2007/90mins

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