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USA, 2007 (MIFF 2007, Documentaries)

Director: Michael Moore

Documentary provocateur Michael Moore returns and, as usual, he's mad. America is the richest country on earth and yet, Moore exasperates, their global position in healthcare puts them at number 38 on the list - just above Slovenia. Rousing, provocative and sometimes incredibly funny, Moore takes aim at America's private sector healthcare industry. By wheeling in healthcare horror stories and sojourning on a world tour of socialised healthcare systems operating in foreign lands, his documentary puts forward a simple message: America's healthcare system is sick.

Michael Moore won the Academy Award for Best Documentary for Bowling for Columbine and the Palme D'Or, the top prize at Cannes Film Festival, for Fahrenheit 9/11.

“As both harangue and movie tragicomedy, Sicko is socko.” - Time Magazine

D/S Michael Moore P Michael Moore, Meghan O'Hara Dist Roadshow TD 35mm/2007/113mins

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