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Australia (MIFF 2007, Homegrown)

Director: Anna Broinowski

A real-life thriller about Norma Khouri, the people she conned and how no-one's safe in the age of spin. In July 2004, Norma Khouri, best-selling author of Forbidden Love, was exposed as a fake. She had won fame and fortune as a Jordanian virgin on the run from Islamic extremists who had put a fatwah on her for her campaign against honour killings. But she was really Norma Bagain, a Chicago real estate agent on the run from the FBI for one million dollars of fraud. Weaving murder, politics, greed and literary scandal into a web that ensnares us all, Forbidden Lie$ unveils this brilliant con artist, the people she's duped and why, despite everything, people still want to believe her. “Let the Oscar rumours begin.” - ABC News online

Check out the Talking Picture Session - Shooting from the Lip

D/S Anna Broinowski P Sally Regan, Anna Broinowski Dist Becker International L English, Arabic w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/108mins

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