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USA, 2004 (MIFF 2005, International Panorama)

Director: John Waters

Sylvia Stickles (Tracey Ullman) is your average prudish suburban mother, until one day she suffers a wallop on the head. With this, she transmutes into a raunchy erotomaniac. It was tow-truck driver Ray-Ray Perkins (Johnny Knoxville) who liberated her libido; he's the sexual saviour of the concussed. In his Messiah role, he makes sexual sorties into the suburbs to release the repressed beast within. Sylvia and her 'criminally' endowed daughter take up arms to become the apostles of the Messiah. But Sylvia's problem is that with a repeat thwack, she keeps switching from carnal lover to repressed housewife. "This is of course the new film by John Waters, and fans will be thrilled to hear that A Dirty Shame is in far worse taste than anything he has directed since the seventies. An hilarious heap of blasphemy, naughty bits and obscene anarchy pumped up with special effects, found footage, hallucinations and fisheye lenses, this is quintessential Waters. Every frame drips with innuendo, double entendre and uproarious euphemisms for fornication." - Toronto Film Festival Contains scenes that may offend some viewers

D/S John Waters P Christine Vachon, Ted Hope WS New Line Cinema TD 35mm/col/2005/88mins. John Waters was born in Baltimore, USA, in 1946. His films include Hairspray (1988), Cry-Baby (1990), Cecil B. DeMented (2000).

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