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Israel, 2004 (MIFF 2004, Documentaries)

Director: Eytan Fox

Walk on Water (Lalecet al Hamaim) Israel

Eyal is a successful intelligence officer working for Mossad, the Israeli secret service. After eliminating an Hamas leader, his next assignment is to track down reclusive Nazi war criminal Alfred Himmelman. Posing as a tour guide, Eyal befriends Himmelman's grandson, Axel, who has travelled from his native Berlin to Israel to visit his sister, Pia, a volunteer on a kibbutz. Journeying the length and breadth of the country together, the differences between the two disparate men'axel, gay, liberal and left wing and Eya, straight, homophobic and right wing'become increasingly apparent. As Eyal inches ever closer to his target, his determination to complete his mission is threatened by the pain of a recent personal tragedy, as well as by devastating information about his own family's past.

Screening as the Opening Night film at the Berlin Film Festival Panorama this year, this latest film from Eytan Fox, the director of Yossi & Jagger (MIFF 2003), is a compelling tale of passion and redemption.

Gal Uchovsky is a guest of the Festival.

D Eytan Fox P Amir Harel, Gal Uchovsky S Gal Uchovsky WS Celluloid Dreams L English, German, Hebrew w/English subtitles TD 35mm/Col/2003/104mins

Eytan Fox was born in New York, USA in 1964. Films include: Time Off (1990), Shirat Ha'sirena (1994), Gotta Have Heart (1997), Yossi & Jagger (MIFF 2003).

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