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Submission Regulations



Early bird entry fees

Shorts AUD$65                                 

Features AUD$75


Regular entry fees

Shorts AUD$70

Features AUD$80


Late entry fees:

Shorts AUD$90

Features AUD$100


Early Bird submissions

Open Thursday October 3 2013

Submission deadline: Thursday 21 November 2013

*DVD/package must be received by the MIFF Submissions Department by Thursday 5 December 2013 to be considered.


Regular submissions

Open Friday 22 November 2013

Submission deadline: Thursday 20 February 2014

*DVD/package must be received by the MIFF Submissions Department by Thursday 6 March 2014 to be considered.


Late Submissions

Open Friday 21 February 2014

Submission deadline: Friday 21 March 2014

*DVD/package must be received by the MIFF Submissions Department by Thursday 3 April 2014 to be considered


Only submissions accompanied by the correct fee, and received by the allocated deadline will be accepted/considered.

•          Payments must be made in Australian currency.

•          Submission fee is payable by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) only.

•          Films submitted without payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

•          Films not submitted through the MIFF website system or Withoutabox WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED




Note – Definition of Short and Feature

A film is considered a Short if it is 40 minutes or less

A film is considered a Feature for entry and categorisation purposes if it is 41 minutes or more


Preview Screener formats

MIFF will accept screeners in the following formats:


- Secure online link. MUST be password protected with no time restrictions applied before May 2014


Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet the following requirements:

•   Films must be available in one of the following formats if selected to screen at MIFF2014:

– 35mm

– 16mm

– DCP (DCI Compliant)


(we DO NOT screen from HD CAM SR). 

Please advise us if your film is in another format.


•    Films must have been completed after 1 January 2013.

•    Films must NOT have been/will not be screened commercially and/or publicly in the state of Victoria, Australia, in any form or duration prior to August 18, 2014. 

**Private cast and crew and graduation screenings are excepted. These screenings must have less than 100 seat capacity.

**Films broadcast on Australian television (free-to-air, Pay TV), or released on home video/DVD, for sale or rental, prior to August 18, 2014 are ineligible for submission.

**Films broadcast on the Internet in any capacity prior to August 18, 2014 are ineligible for submission.

**Films must be in their original language, with English subtitles if the original language is not English.

**Films 40 minutes or less are eligible for entry in the MIFF Short Awards – Please refer to the Short Film Competition Regulations (below)


NB: The Festival reserves the right to program films completed prior to 1 January 2013 or that have screened in Victoria prior to the 2014 Festival. These films will be screened out of competition.


Works-in-progress & 'rough cuts'

MIFF encourages filmmakers to submit films that are as close to finished as possible.  Works-in-Progress must only be submitted during the late submissions period.  If a Work-in-Progress is submitted during Early or Regular submissions period MIFF reserves the right to disregard the submission and submission fees will not be refunded.

Works-in-progress and rough cuts will only be accepted on these conditions:

**The only things to be completed are colour grade, final sound mix or credits (film must be at picture lock stage).

**A work-in-progress/rough cut can only be submitted in the late submission period.

**You have discussed your submission with and have had your film approved for submission as a work-in-progress/rough cut.

**You understand that the film will only be accepted for submission once.  The festival will not accept a film previously submitted, even with significant changes.


Submission Materials

Please include the following materials with your submission:

Either –

**One DVD per submitted film, with the DVD clearly labelled with film title, director, run time and Withoutabox tracking number.  MIFF will NOT accept compilation DVDs (more than one film on a DVD).


**One secure online link, password protected with no time constraints placed on the password before May 2014.  If the password expires before this date you will not be contacted and MIFF may not be able to consider the film for selection. Link must be emailed to including the Withoutabox Tracking number given during the submissions process.



Festival programmers select and invite all films presented at MIFF.  All filmmakers selected to participate will be notified by email at the Festival’s discretion (please ensure email address supplied is in working order and updated accordingly).  Filmmakers not selected will be notified via email by mid to late June 2014.

MIFF’s selection decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.  We do not provide critical analysis or feedback.


Shipping and Customs

MIFF will not pay freight or customs charges for preview DVDs.  MIFF will only pay the in-bound freight and customs charges for films invited to the festival.



MIFF will only insure prints/tapes of films invited to the festival, for the duration of their stay in Australia and during transit to the festival.



MIFF abides not to hold any more than three (3) screenings of any film.



MIFF is an Academy®BAFTA and AACTA accredited festival.  


MIFF Shorts Awards Eligibility

All films completed after 1 January 2013, less than 40 minutes long (including credits), not available in entirety for download or viewing online, including DVD release, theatrically exhibited (excluding graduation and cast and crew screenings) or broadcast on Australian television (cable or free-to-air), and have the Victorian premiere screening at MIFF, are eligible for competition.

The Festival Artistic Director and Short Film Programmer will select films from the official competition program to be submitted to the Short Film Awards Jury.  The shortlisted films will not be made public.


MIFF Shorts Awards Jury

The MIFF Shorts Awards are adjudicated by the MIFF Short Film Jury, consisting of at least three Australian (and/or international) film industry professionals with no connection to any of the films presented in the short competition program of the festival.

The Jury’s processes, discussions and deliberations are strictly confidential and no discussion will be entered into regarding their decisions.


MIFF Shorts Awards

The award winners will be announced during the MIFF Shorts Awards Ceremony during the festival.


The short films competition are competing for the following prizes:

Grand Prix for Best Short Film (Academy® Accredited Award)

Award for Best Australian Short Film

Award for Emerging Australian Filmmaker

Award for Best Fiction Short Film (Academy® Accredited Award)

Award for Best Animation Short Film (Academy® Accredited Award)

Award for Best Documentary Short Film (Academy® Accredited Award)

Award for Best Experimental Short Film


The prizes are subject to change and will be announced in the festival program.