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Beci Orpin for MIFF 2014

In a unique collaboration for 2014, MIFF collaborated with Melbourne visual artist, designer, author and crafty lady Beci Orpin on the festival's campaign artwork. We asked Beci to sign some limited edition posters for us. 


Q&A with Beci Orpin

What's your personal connection to MIFF, purely as a film fan or festival attendee?

I have a long love of MIFF and particularly in my pre-parent days I got to see some of my favourite films for the first time at the festival.

How familiar were you with the history of MIFF artwork design?

Very - there was a small exhibition at ACMI a few years ago which I poured over all the memorabilia. Alex Stitt who created artwork in the early 80's was my neighbour about 10 years ago - he is one of my design idols. I can't believe I have now worked on something which he also created many years ago. It's such a massive honour - I'm pinching myself! 

How did you approach the MIFF commission – what references did you work from?

My brief was return to more iconic and graphic posters of the 60s and 70s so I researched lots of references from that era (which was easy, because graphically it is my favourite era of all time!). I also looked at lots of other film festival artwork from around the world - was pretty incredible and very easy to get lost in. Was also quite intimidating after seeing all the amazing work that has been created! 

Tell us about the final artwork – how did you reach this arrangement of elements and ideas?

I did a lot of simplifying - my first concepts were much busier, so it was about refining which elements were strongest and represented MIFF best and making those perfect. I also wanted to make it Melbourne-centric (thus the tiny Melbourne city appeared!). As always with my work, colour played a vital role, so was also about making sure all the colours worked well with the black background. I am so glad the pink made it in!! 

We know how busy you are! What other projects have you got on the go at the moment?

I'm art directing a new homewards label called Arro Home which launches the first range in June - super exciting! I am also just putting the finishing touches on my third book which is titled Make and Do. Plus a few other fun freelance jobs, and mum duties.

Beci Orpin's Biography

Beci Orpin is an artist/designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She is well known for her whimsical, intricate creations and feminine dreamscapes. After graduating from BA textile design at RMIT in 1997, Beci went on to work freelance, designing textiles and graphics for a wide range of clients including Burton Snowboards, Visa, Mercedes Benz, NAB, Isetan (Japan), Gorman and Optus

In 2001, Beci started women's clothing line Princess Tina, which she ran for 8 years. In that time Princess Tina sold across the globe and earned somewhat of a cult status. Beci also ran kids clothing label Tiny Mammoth. In 2009 Beci Launched an accessories/homewares/stationary brand under her own name, which continues today. 

Beci also frequently creates and exhibits artwork in many different mediums. She  has been involved in over 35 shows in galleries in Australia, UK, Japan, Spain and US. This includes 6 solo shows - "Colour Assembly I" at Kosekela in 2013,  "The Infinite Shape of Rainbows" at Lamington Drive in April 2010, "Outside Over There" at Outre gallery in August 2008, "Menagerie" Keith and Lottie (Perth) March 2008, "In the Shadows" at Monster Children Gallery (Sydney) in June 2007 and "Folklore" at X-Girl (New York) in May 2006. 

Beci is also a published author, releasing Compendium of Me with Erm Books in 2011, Find and Keep in 2012 and Home in 2013  with Hardie Grant / Rizzoli. She is currently working on a third book (due out in Nov 2014), and also a children's book with Penguin. 

Beci's work is influenced by many things that change all the time, but re-occuring themes include nature, found objects, nostalgia, folk and domestic art, and the unexpected.